On April 26, I turn 50.

For a while now, as my friends and classmates pass that milestone, I’ve wondered what to do. Big dinner for all my friends and acquaintances? Intimate gathering with family? Climb mountains? Epic bike tour?

At one point, I thought about climbing to the highest point in each of the 50 states – a big way to go over the hill – but I’m not really a mountaineer. Conversely, I considered visiting the lowest point in all 50 states, but most of those are underwater, and none of them seemed that fun.

So here’s what I’m thinking now – and I have time to change my mind – in the year that I’m 50, I’m going to try to ride a bicycle for at least 50 miles in all 50 states. This isn’t one of those midlife crisis, quit my job, abandon everything, and hit the road rides.

I’m going to try to balance my domestic responsibilities (1 domestic partner, 3 aging cats, and a home winery we’re hoping to take legal this vintage), my family responsibilities (2 aging parents recuperating from a major automobile accident), my work responsibilities (tutoring students for high-stakes entrance examinations and training other teachers to do so), and use these bike rides to make a difference in the world we’ll be inhabiting for the next half-century.

So… Where should I ride in your state? Do you have a favorite charity ride I should participate in? E-mail me at LisaL505050@gmail.com or send a tweet: @ll505050