Originally, I planned to go out for a long (50+) mile ride today. I even rescheduled my chiropractor appointment (Thank you, Dr. Staci) so I’d have enough time in the morning. (I’m not supposed to ride right after my adjustment.) I woke up relatively early, saw the sunshine…

And then reality set in. It was in the 50s and all my thermal tops were in the laundry basket.

But it’s Tuesday, and one quick e-mail exchange later, I had a bike reserved for me at Made in LA, a/k/a Up Dog in Exile, soon to be Flywheel Sports. At 9:45, my bony ass was in the saddle and Groove Armada was on the stereo. No cold, no cars, no coyotes, no cracks in the pavement, just 45 minutes of cruising under the direction of Adam Goldstein, who must have been a cheerleader at some point. His mix of enthusiasm, profanity, and candor are always inspiring. As much as I can appreciate teetotaling vegan athletes, I’m inspired by a man who rhapsodizes about hot toddies as cold remedy and counts down the minutes until the burger joint opens.