One of the more challenging aspects of travel – whether it’s for business, pleasure, or, as in this trip, family business – is trying to maintain a “fitness regimen” on the road.

This trip’s challenges:

1. Early flight out. If your flight leaves at 7am, then you have to be at the airport at 6am, and only you know how long it takes to get to the airport. I’m not a morning person, and even without a workout scheduled in, I was up at 5 and barely out the door in time to clear security and make my flight.

2. My schedule is not my own. You know how this goes. Whether it’s work or family, the expectation is not only that you show up on time where you’re supposed to be, but you’re on call.

3. No bike. Two bags might fly free on Southwest, but packing a bike? Not for a two-day trip.

This trip’s solutions:

1. Welcoming the enormous distances in modern airports. I had close gates this trip, but I’ve had days that I walked a mile on my way to the gate and another upon arrival.

2. Roping the family/colleagues into the act. My mom has a neck brace (I call it the “cone of shame” because it seems to have the same emotional effect on her), but she joined me for a 1 mile walk yesterday and 1.5 miles today. Not serious hiking, but better than sitting on the couch watching CNN’s loop of Beyonce singing the national anthem.

3. Exploring the local spin studios. I was less than thrilled with my class this morning, but a different bike and a different instructor do provide a different workout. Not quite cross-training, but at least I broke a sweat.

I’m not setting any mileage records this week, but my Solvang coach did say this was a “down week”.