Waaaay back before the holidays, I wandered into Target and prominently displayed were trinkets from its designer collaboration with Neiman-Marcus. If you’ve ever been a fan of the “hot young designer for Target” collections, you know these items usually engender a feeding frenzy. People are probably already lining up for the Prabal Gurung launch February 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL3hCijDOiA&feature=youtube_gdata_player
To see the merchandise in a store? Unheard of. I started snapping pictures and dropping hints.

My sister took her hint and I have this pretty Proenza Schouler iPad case.

I also took this picture

But NO WAY was anyone I knew to spend $499 on a beach cruiser. I wanted a bike for errands, but if that kind of cash was involved? Nope.

Two weeks later, I’m in another Target and I see they’ve put some items on sale.


A text message accompanies that photo to the domestic partner.

The longing begins. By the time we exchange gifts, I’ve decided. That bike will be mine. If my charm and hint dropping haven’t done the job, my Red Card will.

My charm and hint dropping were sufficient:


My ghetto mountain bike was refurbished and passed on:


The old bike and the new bike went for a ride together, and guess where we ended up?



I was shocked that I could get it to the viewpoint from the previous day! Not shocked at how slow I was. And I may have totally destroyed the brakes on the way down. Still, those tires are much better suited to Vista del Valle than my road bike’s.