As I was researching events to ride in, I came up against that biggest of challenges: work/life balance. I need to visit many of the states while it’s still warm enough to ride. I need to be available to my clients and work a lot during the busy season. The idea of a cross-country ride is appealing – and could check off a lot of states, but losing six weeks of summer tutoring isn’t realistic.

On a more mundane level, I’m balancing my need for mileage after a rest day with my need for rest after a late night. I didn’t get out on the bike until 10 this morning, and turned around to head back home at 11 so i’d be on time for my first student in a very long day. I rode hard on the bike path, but cautiously in the 30 minutes of street traffic each way.

Another place I’m struggling for balance is cross-training. In my perfect world, I’d get in three strength training sessions per week and do an hour or more of yoga to unwind after every ride. My only cross-training this week has been a couple minutes of proprioception exercises (a fancy way of saying I stand on one leg while brushing my teeth). My stretching has been multitasked with taking off my cycling shoes (figure 4), putting on lotion (standing single leg hamstring stretch), and blowing my hair dry (forward fold).

Is balance like compromise? Or does the word balance pretend that the unhappy sacrifices inherent in a compromise don’t exist? Let me know in the comments below…