Today is shaping up to be a real disaster:

I’d planned for weeks to do LACBC’s Westwood ride today. Our classrooms are on Westwood Boulevard, and a dedicated bike lane would make cycling to work even friendlier. I want to be part of the community celebrating and advocating for cycling in Los Angeles.

Things started to fall apart last week, when one of my every-other-Saturday student had an extracurricular conflict and needed to push to this weekend. No problem! (Flexibility is one reason parents pay the big bucks for tutoring.) we’ll meet at 9 at the office, and while I won’t make it to the 10am start at UCLA? 11 at Overland, no problem.

Then I thrashed the brakes on my pretty girly bike and haven’t time to get them repaired. It’s not quite a safety issue… But I should get it done before I’m out again.

It’s cold. Not sure what to wear. I don’t bike to the office and I don’t throw my bike on the back of my car. Still, I’ll have time to go back home and retrieve it after my student (although that’s sort of stupid). Then my student shows up half an hour late with very little homework done (despite having an extra week to complete it). So much for the Westwood ride.

Yoga? I could use a class. Oh, the last scheduled class today started at 10:30, as I was wrapping up with my student (and texting his mom with the details of said unfinished homework).

Let’s see how an attempt at nutrition goes – it’s a rare Saturday when I can get to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.


Ingredients acquired for the Mark Bittman recipes from this month’s Outside Magazine
Kinda. Double-substitution of bison for steak and yams for sweet potatoes. Two types of kale for kale chips. Tune in tomorrow for the review.

The new bike lanes on Ocean Park are beautiful. Can’t wait to be back there on the bike.

Pretty Girly bike goes to the shop, but they don’t have the right brake pads. Disapproval wafts off the mechanic as he suggests I go to wherever I got the bike. I’m pretty sure Target doesn’t sell brake pads.

(The Pretty Girly bike’s predecessor is item 30)

I leave her there, forewarned that standard pads may leave black scuff marks on my rims and screech when I brake. I’ll die if my brakes don’t work, so what choice do I have?

Oh, yeah, the Internet.

One Google search, three phone calls, and a two hour drive to and from SGV Bicycles et voila!

White brake pads!

Today didn’t go the way I planned it, but you can click here to help make those bike lanes on Westwood a reality. I can cook a healthy dinner and prepare for tomorrow’s ride. When I get back, the Pretty Girly bike will be ready to roll. Well, not roll.