(Apologies to Alan Sillitoe)

Saturday Night
Operation nutrition complete.

Two types of kale chips
Skillet sweet potatoes [yams] with sliced [bison] steak
Frozen Banana Bonbons.

All the recipes can be found in the March 2013 issue of Outside.

Here’s how I tweaked them:

Instead of tossing the kale with olive oil, I used my mister to spray the baking sheers, then laid down the kale, then re-misted. One fewer bowl to wash. No idea if there was an impact on quality. I suspect I used less olive oil, though.

I made the substitutions noted above. The yams weren’t as crispy hash browny as I would have liked, but I’m not sure where I went awry. Ingredients or cooking? The bison was perfectly rare. I don’t nick it with a fork to see if it’s done. I poke it with my finger. Slicing the steak before it’s rested is verboten in our kitchen.

We don’t have a candy thermometer, so I melted the chocolate in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. Do it in 30-second increments. You’ll be fine.

Sunday Morning

Out for the training ride. As usual, I had to peel off early to see students. Saturday’s prep served me well. Not only was I well-rested and fueled, I had my escape route set: The new Ocean Park bike lanes!