Today’s training ride took me and the Pretty Girly Bike to the LA River bike path near Griffith Park, which is part of the course for Saturday’s Firecracker Bike Ride

I think that a lot of cycling is either going to turn me into a birdwatcher or an advocate for the homeless. LA in all of its glory is represented on this stretch, from gritty and urban to deliciously wild, from vagabond cyclists scavenging to hard-core racers on $15,000 road bikes. It’s the birds that I focused on today.

I didn’t get pictures of the egret or the sandpipers, just the ducks:

ImageI didn’t get the shot of the drakes fighting each other and flapping their wings, but I think this is the bird that inspired their spat.

the seagulls:


and whatever these are (ornithologists, please chime in down in comments):


I was so distracted at one point that I nearly missed a fork in the path, and at another I totally missed the very fluorescent markings on the pavement tipping me off to a large BUMP.

My feet flew off the pedals (pretty girly bike, not clipped in) and my left pedal whirled around to whack me in the shin. I have a bump, but it’s not nearly as photogenic as I thought it would be.

Ah well, I’m prepared for the course when I take the road bike out Saturday.