I read about this challenge Monday, and as you may be surmising, I like a challenge. But how to complete it, so close to the deadline? With rain forecast, and indoor cycling accordingly booked?

First, I checked my workouts on map my ride to see if I could get credit for any rides I’d already done. I know, I know, Strava is all the rage these days, but I see no need to ditch an app that’s served me well.

Indeed, I did have a few:

My trips to and from the bike shop on 2/9 and 2/11, a trip to and from yoga class on 2/13, our training ride that included a coffee stop on 2/10 (this map shorts me a few miles, because I paused the app when we were at Franklin Reservoir and forgot to turn it back on until the Brentwood Starbucks). I already had the mileage locked down and the blog documentation to prove it.

Then, I got cracking. Laundry day? A ride to Gelson’s scored quarters and .91 miles and the “grocery store” category.


20130220-131746.jpg Tutorial? A ride to and from a student nets the work category, 5.09 miles and one of the two “after dark” rides for the trip home.

As requested, pics of my lighting system (taken the next morning):



Tuesday, I awoke at. 5:21, ready to roll… To indoor cycling at the gym. I’d reserved the bike when rain was forecast, and I had no errandonneuring challenge on the horizon.

After class, the rain had still not started, so off to and from my annual checkup.

Still no rain. The domestic partner went off for a long ride. I plotted categories. Rain began to fall. The domestic partner returned.20130220-164327.jpg
I debated riding in the rain. I put on my coat. Fear of LA drivers took my coat off. The rain stopped.

A true errandonnee loop ensued:

Lunch at ink sack:



A store that is not a grocery store:


Where I finally used some of the gift card the domestic partner gave me for the holidays…


And then to pick up some decaf in a pre-used bag…


From there, the library:


And then home, only needing one more ride after dark.

I considered riding to the pharmacy to pick up archy’s steroids*, and then on to my last student, this ensuring a ride home after dark. But as I was pulling up to my student’s house, the sky opened, and it was still pouring when I left an hour and a half later.

*archy is not the domestic partner. archy is a domestic shorthair with a tumor.


That’s the thing. I could have completed this in so many cool ways. What it came down to was, after a day of hiking and tutoring and seeing a amazing band at the Roxy and eating an epic dinner at night + market, I drove my car home, (instead of going home first, riding the bike and demolishing the “community meeting” and “dinner” categories), pulled out the road bike (insert photo of lights here)

20130220-230343.jpg rode around our building (yup, this is it) and called it a night.


The errandonnee control card!