It seems that Tuesday was one of those days for a lot of people.


On the home front, I awoke for an early cycling class to find that we had no caffeine. (This is what happens when someone else usually makes your coffee.) I barely made it to class, had to take an unfamiliar bike model (luckily its settings – height, horizontal, handlebars – were okay), and performed in a manner charitably characterized as uncaffeinated.

I showed up for my chiropractor appointment half an hour early. I need to stretch more. I need to figure out where to squeeze those sessions in.

My students reschedule like crazy: some of this is self-inflicted (many are frantically finishing homework as I pull in the driveway instead of doling it out over the week, as requested), some of this is the various adults in their lives (parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, directors, doctors, therapists) believing that their agendas supersede all else (see my homework rant above).

This led to me spending three hours round trip in rush hour traffic to see a student for 30 minutes. And thinking about this response to a Westsider whinging about traffic.

I could have ridden my bike to my first student. The last kicker of a hill would make me sweat, there’s no place to lock up a bike in residential Beverly Hills, I’d have to drag the pretty girly bike up the staircase to the service entrance, but it’s doable.

The second student? Given the traffic, the bike wouldn’t have taken that much longer, even with the category 3 climb at the end. But after dark, on an unlit, winding road with no shoulder, I’d be more likely to end up dead in a tree than at my student’s house.

My knees would feel better, though.

The only way to improve the situation is to go all Gandhi “be the change you want to see in the world.”

As spring blossoms, I shall strive to be bitchin’ on a bike more, and bitching about traffic less!