“Set an intention for your practice.”

My intentions at yoga are modest: unwind from yesterday’s Marathon Crash Race and marathon of driving/tutoring, fend off the cold I woke up with (the domestic partner has had a cold for a week, and has done his best to infect me).

Strongest day at yoga in at least two, two and a half years! Suddenly, all the quad strength I need to hold a warrior or crescent moon pose with my thighs parallel to the floor is back. The upper body strength I need for chaturanga dandasana is there in a way it wasn’t last week. I’m emboldened, empowered. I spend a ridiculous amount of time standing on my head.

Was it yesterday morning’s ride – the first time I’ve ever ridden more than an hour without stopping once for a traffic signal? Was it the week off from exercise (if you don’t count campus tours led by backward-walking undergraduates and our 25 mile ramble around San Francisco) between Solvang and the Marathon Crash?

Maybe it’s just a good day.