Sometimes carving out time to spend on the bike involves not spending time on the bike.
Sometimes writing the fundraising e-mails means not writing the blog.
Sometimes researching events to ride in translates into opting out of others.

Two things I did this week for my non-cycling life:

1. Persian Charoset. How this Italian-Irish lapsed Catholic ended up as the go-to Seder shiksa is beyond me. Blame it on Tehrangeles.

2. Grape shopping. Four Francois Freres barrels are on their way from France. We need some fermented grape juice to fill them with, and we’re contracting with a grower in Paso Robles for our first Rhone varietals. Depending on harvest times and availability, we may have a Cote-Rotie or Chateauneuf-du-Pape style blend for sale in our first legit year.

Each of these required about six hours in the car, round trip.

All the car time had me coveting long bike rides, and I’m contemplating these candidates:

Saints to Sinners. 500 miles from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, benefitting the ALS Association. Now, I’m not under the impression that I can ride 500 miles in one go, but it’s a relay. If I can join a team that will let me have 50+ miles in each of Utah and Nevada, (I don’t think the route has 50 miles in Arizona, but it’s not as if I won’t be in Arizona some other point of the year to pick up the rest), this would be super-cool! Well, it’ll probably be hot as hell, but having a team supporting me for a night ride could be amazing!

The Gulf Coast Interstate Relay is having its inaugural event this year to benefit the Center for Biological Diversity. It’s before my official kickoff date, but I’m hoping it goes well, and that they’ll do it again next year. You can help make that happen by contributing to their kickstarter project. It’s 263 miles from New Orleans to Pensacola. I’ll need to tack on a few miles in Louisiana and Florida, but that’s warm-up and cool-down mileage. Here’s the other thing. You can do it as a solo rider. I’ll be ready to ride 263 miles in a straight shot a year from now, right?