So, I got off to a decent start on my April challenges yesterday, despite a horrible hurdle.

April is the cruelest month, and fate played a nasty trick on us. We’ve known since December that our cat archy wasn’t long for this world, and my friends assured me that I’d know when it was time. Monday morning, nothing could lure archy out from his hiding place in my closet. Not the prospect of food, not a cat treat, not even the fresh tuna he’d wolfed down with gusto the night before. He was so far gone that I felt bad that we couldn’t get him an appointment before early afternoon.

I cried a lot. Before, during, after. I miss him so much.

When I got home, I pulled out my bike and went for a ride. Lots of climbing: Griffith Park, Nichols Canyon. I didn’t set any speed records. In Griffith, I saw a man walking his cat in a harness. It was a beautiful Siamese, climbing a tree. I’ll always be sorry that I didn’t get a house with a tree in a courtyard or pocket garden for archy. He loved to climb trees, back when we lived in an apartment that had a fenced-in courtyard. The really nice people at TLC Pet Hospital told me his ashes would be scattered in a national forest. Good to know that my little gray ornithologist will rest with the birds… but won’t harm them.

The light had that peculiar quality Los Angeles has after a rainstorm: oddly clear. The smog isn’t diffusing the light, and everything seems crisper. I’m glad I went out, but it was sad to come home to a smaller family.

This morning, the domestic partner and I rode our bikes to the beach. Fitting, since it’s Autism Awareness Day, and I’ll be participating in the Bike to the Beach Challenge by riding three separate events to support Autism Speaks.

This afternoon, I rode up to Plush Beauty Bar and got a faaaabulous manicure:


Light it up blue!