I’ve ridden.

Day 3 was a quick out-and-back to Coldwater Canyon (not up, just to the bottom). Boo-hiss to Beverly Hills, where the bike lanes end. Props to Mayor Villaraigosa for syncing the traffic signals. I don’t know if it’s improving traffic, but the timing on Santa Monica Blvd is almost perfect for me on a bike. I didn’t get the daily quota of miles I wanted, but checked my 30 Days of Biking box.

Day 4 should have been my long ride – 50ish miles (depending on the surface streets I take home), almost no climbing. I popped in 2 miles running errands (handing off one of our Solvang visors to a friend’s mom who’s in town and forgot her hiking hats, picking up oats for homemade granola, thanking bystanders politely for the compliments on the pretty girly bike), went to work, and came home to prep for the ride.

I lost the “should we drive or ride to Ballona Creek” debate. When one factors in the time spent loading and unloading the bike rack, driving doesn’t provide any time advantage. I understand that the plethora of streetlights translates into lots of clipping in and out. I understand that traffic is nervewracking. So, this is not the battle I fight. (But if I’m going out alone, I’m riding it.)

I miss the 5 miles of stop-and-go warmup, though. The headwinds down to the beach were rough. I hadn’t really eaten enough, and one hour in, I made sure to stop for a blueberry oat Bonk Breaker. We turned around at the same point we hit Tuesday. This time it was my time constraints: a Team Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition meeting. So, we headed home, and just as we were turning off the beach path for the detour (the path is undergoing a great facelift, but it puts us on the street at times), the domestic partner got a flat.

So, there goes my usual flat changing strategy – attempt tire change, look cute, attract someone more competent who will do it for me. I think I might have been a little helpful. I was probably also unhelpful. I definitely need to learn how to work a CO2 cartridge.

Headwinds out? Tailwinds back. Only ten minutes late for our team meeting.

The Climate Ride is going to be amazing. Nothing to inspire a month of training like an epic experience awaiting you at the end.

Well, and seeing how one stacks up against the rest of the world (look at those Angelenos rockin’ it):