I’ve learned it’s always good to get the ride in first thing, especially if the day looks unpromising.

In Minneapolis, the home of 30 days of biking, they had thundersnow.

I had a date at the Magic Kingdom. I had pledged to stay until closing. I feared we would not return before midnight.

So, I took the trash and recycling out back on the pretty girly bike. And Strava’d it:


Which ended up being a good choice.

I think I’ve reached the end of my theme park usefulness. I no longer want to stand in line for 20+ minutes for 2- minutes of thrill. I’d rather climb the canyon on a bike and have the thrill of wondering if I can hold my line on the curve coming back down. I’d rather fear LA road rage.

All I could think was, “how can this be the ‘happiest place on earth’ if there are no bikes?”

Please don’t get me started on the sea of humanity. Let’s just say that I know where the creators of Wall-E got their inspiration.

I fell ill. We headed home early. I couldn’t face dinner. I was really glad I’d ridden – even if it was only two loops around the building – earlier.

Not my finest hour, but I rode my bike.