The 30 days of biking challenge (and my very pathetic effort the previous day) motivates me to get miles in early (run to the Urth Caffe – which could really use a bike rack) and to plan a real ride.

Fortified by bananas foster bread pudding, I head up Franklin Canyon. Up, no problem. Down? You boys doing the “cobbled classics” got nothing on the upper Franklin descent.

The view from the entrance to the park:


Not enough miles.

As I waited at the light where Genesee becomes Nichols Canyon, a car pulled up with an awesome dog – who would not stop barking at me. The driver gestured to her head.

“He hates helmets,” she mouthed.

Don’t we all?

Up, up, up. According to Strava, a PR. Or 2nd best. Or 3rd best.

Down. 3rd best.

Not bad for not trying.