I’ve fallen behind on mileage this week.
30 days of biking streak is still intact. I’m not on track for the Spring Classics Challenge, but I’m in the top third, and I think I can still complete it if I get back on track with long rides. I’ve dropped out of the top 20 for the Oakley Tour de France challenge.

These are not the real challenges of April 12 for me.

My mother is meeting with her surgeon to get the results of last week’s tests. Spinal surgery? Freedom from the collar? More waiting? My sister has flown over so we have another pair of eyes and ears in the room.

We have appointment of our own today, but there’s no possibility of good news. At noon, our beloved cat Buddy, who has had a horrible half year since his stroke last summer, goes to the vet for the big sleep.

Here he is in happier days:


We will miss our grumpy little guy.

Afterwards, I check in with Mom, who has been freed from her collar and is cleared to travel. She’s excited about getting to drive her new car. We’re making plans for my birthday.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster today. I’m only able to bike a couple flattish miles on a grocery store run after my last student, but the weekend beckons…