Saturday was a gloomy day.
No Buddy.
No archy.

I had a tiny window to ride, and wanted to log some miles for my challenges, so I rode a pretty flat route out to Santa Monica and back. The sky wept a little for our little guys, but the windbreaker was fine, didn’t need the rain jacket. The speed bumps that were ripped out of the VA for the LA Marathon were back. I posted some 2nd personal best times, but nothing close to my Marathon Crash numbers.

Later, I took the pretty girly bike out to tutor.

Sunday morning, I headed out for LA-Roubaix. I knew it would involve Vista del Valle, but I assumed we’d do the smart thing and ride up it, not down. Nope.

Our ride organizer assured us that it had recently been re-paved – he’d ridden it earlier in the week.

I’m not sure of what his definition of “recently” or “paved” is, but the surface hasn’t seen an improvement in the almost two years I’ve been riding on it. And while I can keep up with the fast boys on the ascent, I’m still a very very timid descender.

Elysian Park was more of the same, taking the reverse route of the Firecracker Ride. Our route had a lovely view of Dodger Stadium I hadn’t seen before, and we ended up back in Chinatown.

And then I had to speed home to go tutor, doing the reverse of the Marathon Crash. I pretty much revisited the whole route between Saturday and Sunday.

So, two more days of 30 days of biking, didn’t fall behind on the Spring Classics Challenge (but I didn’t catch up either), and more climbing than I’ve done since Solvang.