So, if you read yesterday’s post…

Didn’t really talk about a bike ride.
Didn’t get on the bike.

No excuses. Had time before my first student. Could’ve biked to his house. Have biked to his house. Could’ve popped out to Domaine LA to pick up a wine for dinner before I went out to my second student. Could’ve biked to my second student. Could’ve ridden around the block when I got home.

It was a beautiful day with tons of free time, and I didn’t ride.

I suck.

Speaking of how much I suck? The awesome people at Flywheel West Hollywood donated a class for me to use as a Climate Ride fundraiser. Perhaps 4/20 was the wrong day on which to hold it?

I really failed to rally enough people to have made it worth their while. I’m so grateful to them, and all my friends who showed up, but I didn’t do a good job of getting enough butts on bikes.

The month is 2/3 over, and I’m hovering at around 40% of my miles in the Spring Classics Challenge.

I’m sure I’m disappointing people when I’m not on the bike, too, but I won’t catalogue those failures here.