After the Friday-Saturday FAIL edition, I needed some inspiration.

Graham’s class at Flywheel helped. I felt motivated to succeed again after riding inside

Grocery shopping on the Pretty Girly Bike helped, not only because I got to ride outside, (and the bike always gets compliments, which makes me feel special) but also because I got to talk to other cyclists at the overcrowded bike racks.

One said, “Are you going to the thing tomorrow?”
I said, “Of COURSE!”
He said, “Do you even know what I’m talking about?”
I said, “CicLAvia to the SEA, baby!”

So, if you don’t know what I’m talking about…

This might help.

I. Martin organized a feeder ride, and there were some familiar faces: a woman who had come along for Solvang training rides, one of the other cyclists from the grocery run the day before… this is how it starts to feel like a community.

We posed for a picture before we entered the route:

And then it was east to downtown LA:

Our Lady, the Queen of the Pretty Girly Bike

Back through downtown LA to Peddler’s Creamery:




I lost my original posse in the swarm… and never found the many friends who were also out for the day. Apparently, there were about 150,000 people out on the route. Here are some of them in action:

The Dogs of CicLAvia



The end of the line:


The bicycle traffic jam on the way back:
(notice the absence of cars on the other side of the road)

The LACBC booth at the Culver City hub:

Don’t you wish every day could be like CicLAvia? I do.