A 41 mile ride on the Pretty Girly Bike has its pluses and minuses.

Endless iterations of “great bike!”
Flat pedals = no stress about clipping in and out

Flat pedals for 41 miles = unhappy knees
No gloves = numb hands

Woke up Monday to a beautiful day, but more soreness than usual. Happy to tag along (draft behind) the domestic partner on the Ballona Creek/Marvin Braude Beach Path ride. I lobbied successfully to ride instead of drive to the start of the path with an impassioned, “but it’s Earth Day!”

The difference between the bikes is clear: 50 miles on the Sexy Beast feels like a recovery ride from 40 on the Pretty Girly Bike.

Tuesday was too busy, but I squoze in – fine, squeezed in – a bike errand.

The road to Wednesday was paved with good intentions… and I missed riding to the beach again.

It’s going to be 28 days of biking – at best – for me. The mileage goal on the Spring Classics Challenge is vanishing on the horizon…