26 wonderful things that happened April 26:

1. I woke up!

2. This:




3. The domestic partner has given me a “choose your own adventure” birthday present:




4. My parents’ flight arrived just late enough to make me look prompt.

5. My parents are well enough to travel, and it’s as if the accident never happened.

6. My “which bike computer to buy” dilemma was resolved by my mother-(not)-in-law.

7. I’m famous!

8. Cat toys! Flowers!



9. I don’t embarrass myself on the ride to the bike shop. (My parents are following in the domestic partner’s car.)

10. The bike shop mechanics greet me by name.

11. We scoot into ink sack seconds before the lunch crowd descends.

12. ink sack daily special sandwich involving chorizo and egg.

13. A friend cancels for birthday festivities because her boss is in town. (Not wonderful that she can’t come, but wonderful that her boss wants to have dinner with her.)

14. The only student I’m seeing is still eager to share punk rock songs with me.

15. A call to re-calibrate the size of our party uncovers that the domestic partner has – again – gone behind my back and paid for my party.

16. Car pool lane on the 105.
17. Car pool lane on the 91.

(These would have been truly wonderful if the car pool lanes on the 110 didn’t require a transponder. Which pays for itself if you use it every day. Not so much if you need it every few weeks.)

18. Despite 1/3 of our party backing out in the 24 hours preceding the event, Medieval Times moved our party up to the front row!

19. And they granted the birthday queen’s request to root for the Green Knight!

20. The oldest of my nieces wants to sit with the grown-ups.

21. Despite Friday rush hour traffic, everyone arrives before the show starts!

22. The Green Knight

Looks a lot like


23. This:


24. Green knight wins!



26. Finding myself surrounded by the people who have seen me at my worst, who know my most blackmail-worthy secrets, who have been on the receiving end of the most horrible things I’ve done… And realizing that my family and friends love me anyway.