Maybe it was the realization that a month from now, I’ll have ridden at least 520 miles in various events, and that four states will be done.

Maybe it was my sister reminding me that she has my back on my Bike to the Beach fundraising.

Maybe it was my sister-(not)-in-law telling me that she will get me where I need to go on my tri-state weekend.

Maybe it was my ride-and-go-seek friend Mike, who was available to ride at the drop of a hat, who pushed me to ride faster, who offered all sorts of assistance unasked.

Maybe it was locking down a big chunk of my summer work schedule.

Maybe it was all of the above.

I registered for the CHAFE 150. (Insert chamois butt’r joke here.) Sandpoint, Idaho (and Montana too). Benefitting local students with autism.

13 signed up for, 37 to book.