On March 24, David Granados, a senior at Grant High School, was killed by a Mercedes SUV in a particularly egregious hit-and-run.

I did not know him. And yet, when a ride of silence was announced in his memory, I felt compelled to join.

I work with so many students, so many seniors who are about to graduate and embark on their futures. This kid won’t get to, because of a selfish driver who stopped to dislodge the bike from his brand new car before fleeing the scene.

When I arrived at Grant, school was just getting out. In the quad, an assortment of students, faculty, and cyclists were assembling. Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition had a hand in organizing the event and was on hand, forcing helmets on unhappy teenagers, as well as bike lights and copies of the rules of the road. I’m so proud to be a member of an organization that fosters community like that.

We rode out with a police escort. We were mostly teenagers. We were not silent. We were full of joie de vivre. We were not fast.

A couple staged a great safety demo when their wheels kissed and they went down. The boy squealed like a kitten when one of the officers poured disinfectant on his scraped elbow. The girl seemed a little more sanguine, but she may have pre-medicated.

It was a moving tribute and a beautiful ride.