“Dress the Bear”

I’m not the only one with resolutions for this year. One of my friends has a list, too: 13 yoga classes, start an animal welfare 5013c, dress the bear.

A statue of a bear greets visitors to Griffith Park, where we hike every other week. Occasionally, someone dresses the bear whimsically. My friend had already acquired a tutu in preparation.

After a recent hike, as we descended, I momentarily stopped talking and thinking about myself and my plans, and started plotting how and when to dress the bear. Perhaps use the tutu for a Bastille Day can-can girl?

And then it hit me like a ton of beets. The next day would be the series finale of The Office.

A scavenger hunt ensued.



Organic beets.

Another bunch of organic beets when my friend left the first bunch at work.

A futile attempt to secure a Battlestar Galactica model (and believe me, between friends who own a comic book store, work at Syfy, and the general geekiness of my friends, I thought this would be the easy part).

A theft of office paper from the domestic partner.

At dawn, we struck.


Dwight K Schrute