With a great deal of assistance from my San Francisco support team, my gear and I made it to the Sports Basement for our bus ride to Fortuna. The sexy beast was whisked away from me for photographs (the paparazzi love the Pinarello). The LACBC team, assembled for the first time, posed for a shot:


As we pulled away from civilization, it became clear that we were pulling away from civilization. The wifi on the bus wasn’t working. We went from urban to rural in a matter of minutes. By the time we reached the Solar Living Institue in Hopland for lunch, we were in full-tilt crunchy granola mode. Not that that’s a bad thing.

After the tour, lunch, and (for some) wine tasting, we piled back into the biodiesel-fueled buses, resolved the wifi issues, and wended our way north to Fortuna.

In camp, team LACBC set up its own mini-Hollywood camp.
It was nice to have teammate help when pitching an unknown tent.

Dinner was a brief stroll down the road, and even though the Eel River Brewing Company is a restaurant, we were in the outdoor beer garden. In very Northern California. It was the closest to dining indoors we’d be for almost a week.

Team LACBC hoisting our prize for raising the most money:


Beer garden kitties:



Teammates, organic beer, kitties. A great prelude to a big ride.