Mile 2: FLAT! I was prepared to change my own, but I did have my LACBC teammates along, and so, the “look cute and someone else will change the flat for you” method worked again. It’s not quite like having a team car zip up to swap it out for you… It’s better. My sincerest thanks to Yvonne Ascher for the loan of her husband, Leonard Laub!

Mile 13.2: Water stop. All business. Trail mix, candy, have mechanic double check the tire.

Miles 15-20: The Leggett Hill. 1500 feel of elevation. First my left knee said no. Then my right knee moaned in sympathy.

And then, the descent to the Pacific:

We’d packed our lunches. Guess which box mine was in?


This is where I sat and what I saw from there:

In case you needed a hint about which box my lunch was in: