Good Morning, Russian River Valley!



Check out the elevation profile, you’ll see what I mean:

You know what you don’t see? PRs. QOMs.

When the first rest stop of the day is at a winery? It’s going to be a rest day – if one considers the third metric in four days a rest day.


I’m not going to blame it on the Moshin Vineyards or the directions…
day 4
just the “bike brain”. I got lost a few times. Then the hills. And the headwinds. And the “sleeping cow” at the side of the road. At one point, the event photographer walked over and pushed me up the hill. More headwinds. Not “blow you off the cliff” headwinds, just “stop you in your tracks” headwinds. Enough to make me skip the grilled oyster stop a few miles before camp. I just wanted to get in, set up my tent, get a massage. Prepare to re-enter the world.