day 5

This is the top of that trio of climbs in the middle of the route profile. Can you see that tiny little road way down behind me? I rode up that.


At the bottom of that hill, I needed to stop and eat. I was in a hurry to climb. About ten feet into the next climb, I really needed to stop and eat. Nowhere to stop, twisty climbs with impatient motorists on our tails, a bonk lurking… I scarfed down a Clif bar, polishing off the last bite as I hit the summit of “the last hill”

I’m never going to be a great descender, but by day 5, I’m much better than I was on Day 1.

As we rolled back into civilization, a/k/a Sausalito, I passed more coffee shops, all with a smattering of Climate Riders enjoying the balmy morning and our last moments as a community.

There was an ascent to the Golden Gate Bridge:


Those puffy eyes are the by-product of five early mornings and five days of sunscreen and wind in the eyes. The smile? Everything else!

Over the bridge, dodging pedestrians in the bike lane….

At the top of the headlands, I overheard a pedestrian with a posse (tour guide and tourists? I was flying at this point) say, “There are two types of cyclists, Lycra cyclists, and…” I didn’t hear the rest. I think this Bill Cunningham video is probably a good illustration of the other type. Ditto the Cycle Chic blog and its manifesto. Which, really, if I’m riding the Pretty Girly Bike for errands or work, not pounding out 30+ miles, I subscribe to.

For today, though, I’m a “Lycra cyclist,” thinking, “there are two types of cyclists, Lycra cyclists and future Lycra cyclists.”

I barely made it back to the Sports Basement for the roll out to San Francisco City Hall. We retrace much of the path I rode on a rental bike here in March, and I’m realizing how much even a passing familiarity with a course improves my riding. I’m at the front of the pack. We’re chanting. On the very very last hill, as we ride up Polk Street, I warble a very off-key rendition of Climb Ev’ry Mountain. (Like the Mother Superior, I too, should have been dubbed.)

That’s what we’ve been doing for the past week: all 150 of us, riding for causes greater than ourselves, all unified in this dream of a healthy, sustainable planet.

A dream that will need
All the love you can give
Every day of your life
For as long as you live…

Team LACBC: me, Michael, Laurie, Greg, Kathy, Marc, Yvonne, Leonard, Alex

And a little live action love:

Thanks to the entire Climate Ride crew, especially our cruise director Blake!

Extra-special thanks to all my sponsors who supported me and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition:

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