A novice rider with me (excuse to limit the mileage)!!!

Look at this cue sheet!


and the Strava data! What’s missing here… oh yeah, climbs. (I still don’t believe yesterday had a category 4 climb.)

Look at rest stop 1:


Nutella and Firefighters!

New Jersey, I take back every “which exit” joke. You’re beautiful. I know I’ve known that for years, but this was a joyful day!

I’ll have some video to add in here later – at one point we headed up a road that looked very Last of the Mohicans/Miller’s Crossing to the right

A little more The Ice Storm to the left.



I wasn’t sure if I was about to encounter Daniel Day-Lewis with a tomahawk, Gabriel Byrne with a gun, or Sigourney Weaver with her house keys…

Most of the day was spent in horse country, but then we met these guys…

And our short (52 mile) day ended…

I opted for the veggie tacos. Lydia? Not so much.

After lunch, I went to look for some ice (both of us were having knee issues) and wound up talking with two of the volunteers. One had two adult sons who are autistic. No language. Living in a group home. The other also had an adult son with autism. A few raindrops began to fall, and I was happy we’d opted for the shorter course. Fewer bragging rights definitely balanced out by the reminder of what I’m riding for.