It’s so cute when easterners say to a girl who grew up with a view of Mt. Rainier, “this course has a lot of hills.” Your rollers are cute, Connecticut. Hillier than New Jersey. Much hillier than Long Island (the big climb Friday was the Williamsburg Bridge). Wanna see the elevation profiles for the Hollywood Hills?

Here’s the cue sheet:


And the link to the Strava (the course actually had less elevation than the maps claimed…):

What I’m riding for:


Awesome home-baked snack treats that I didn’t eat enough of before starting (rookie mistake I’d pay for around mile 20)

A lot of solo time in the saddle, so, a lot of selfies:


(I saw a beet farm later, but the farm stand was closed…)

I threw my chain at the bottom of a steep hill, and regretted not stocking up on more goodies at registration. I’m eternally grateful to the rider who shared one of her cherry-chocolate Clif gel shots. That made it possible for me to take the scenic detour.


And what’s not to love about a rest stop with dogs and more homemade goodies?

It was a beautiful day, and I was overdressed, so I decided to settle for the 50+ miles on the day. The second half of the course was easier, but the closer I got to the finish, the more traffic started to encroach on the rural bliss.


Great ride, super-friendly volunteers (who helped me take my speedplay pedals off the rental Specialized Allez), a wonderful cause.