Gulf Coast Interstate Relay

Except, I’ll be a solo rider.
263 miles.
April 5, 2014.

Yup, one day.

New Orleans to Pensacola.


I guess I’ll have a good idea after STP and CHAFE 150 of what I can do in one day. Seattle-Portland is, by all accounts, a pretty flat 200. We’re planning to do it in two days, but if things are going well at the halfway mark, we’re going to go for it in one. The Sandpoint, Idaho ride is the subsequent weekend, and I’m solo. (I plan to do the 150, but if I opt into the 85 mile ride, I’ll be back to Montana a month later, so I’ll still pick up the mileage.) I’ll have nine months to train, if I’m clearly not up to snuff.

I’m going to need a support team for the GCI. Surely, a trip to New Orleans will lure someone out of the woodwork?