I’m starting to understand why people just decide to ride cross-country. The logistics of my quest are proving more challenging than the riding itself.

On the plus side, I found a team for Saints to Sinners (or more accurately, they found me) and I have another two states (Utah and Nevada) on the schedule. I’m really excited about the event, the cause, the new experience of a relay!

On the minus side, I took too long debating about the Tour de Cure Fargo-Moorhead, and by the time I was ready to commit, the airfare was close to $1000 round-trip. Worse, the only other long rides I can find there conflict with existing rides on my schedule. I’ve found some bike-shop sponsored races, but they don’t have the mileage I need.

On the plus side, I found a few friendlier sites to search for rides on:
bikeride.com was always bookmarked, but their new format is friendlier.
gran fondo guide isn’t as comprehensive, but the focus on long, supported rides has done a lot of the editing for me.

On the minus side, I booked a flight for a Detroit gran fondo before I registered for the event… Which was re-scheduled for 2014. It’s a miracle that I could un-book my flight. It was almost a very expensive lesson.

On the plus side, my flights and hotels are booked for my Pacific Northwest excursions, and if I can just get a response from the ride organizer, I think I’m going to check off Alaska this month, too!

On the minus side, flights to the Midwest are hideously prohibitive. If anyone has frequent flier miles that they’re never going to use and would like to contribute to a good cause? Please let me know which airlines (and which causes you’d like me to ride for).