When my own procrastination closes a door (when the HELL am I going to ride in those Canadian border states), it lights a fire under my ass… which smokes up the room… which sets off the fire alarm… which prompts me to open a window.

Ride for Life Alaska to be precise. It’s a two-day ride from Anchorage to Seward – camping in between – to help provide colorectal cancer screening for the low-income and uninsured. I’m not going to say it’s a glamorous cause, or even one that has touched my life (so far), but everyone over 50 is supposed to have it done, and it’s very very expensive.

I’m registered. My flight to Anchorage is booked. I forgot that Virgin America flies there, so I’m back in bed with Alaska Airlines (they’re getting me to Spokane too, which is as close as I can fly to Sandpoint, Idaho). My hotel is booked. My bike is almost booked. (I’m waiting for photos of my rental options.) My tent rental is booked. My mosquito repellent is ready and waiting.

This is the first of my rides that’s in a state I’ve never visited!

Now all I need is your support – I need to raise $250 to earn my spot on this ride.