Two years ago, I rode the Tour de Lisa. Inspired by a Map My Ride challenge, I set out to ride my craptastic mountain bike at least 10% of the Tour de France kilometres every day… and drink wine from the appropriate A.O.C. every night. I promised myself a new bike if I completed the challenge. Midway through, I was given a new bike – the sexy beast – and it changed my life.

This year, I’ll be on a different cycling quest. I might not ride every day, and I definitely won’t drink every night.

So I’m calling on you, my followers, to take the Tour de Lisa challenge:

1. Ride a bicycle every day the peleton rides.
2. Find a way to mimic an aspect of the course.
3. Eat or drink something from the region of France the tour visits that day.

Here’s the schedule and route of the tour, and a map of French A.O.C.s, including Corsica, where the tour starts this year.

I can’t promise big prizes from surprise donors, but if you document your adventures and submit them to this blog by August 1, you will be rewarded.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Talk to the box below…