Technically, I’m tapering for STP. The guidelines for the 1-day riders suggest no more than 120 miles this week, no more than 60 at one time.

But moooom! I wanna ride the Rapha Women’s 100, and 100km>60mi!

So I rode it anyway, with a great group of women from the Echo Park Bike Posse. This blog post from their fearless leader really sums up a lot of what I’ve been thinking the past week: why ride alone when you can ride with a posse? I certainly did my best to keep up with the lead group, just as I had on the Friday ride, just as I would on a night ride later in the week.

Yeah, I’m not that fast. Still, I’m not Dropped Girl. I’m not missing the (imaginary) time cutoff. I feel safer in a group (especially at night). I’m not sure if I have all the ride etiquette down, but I’m really enjoying flying out, getting caught, catching up with everyone at the light.

One last training ride for STP tomorrow… I don’t think we’ll do it in one day, but my times this week suggest I could. It’s making me more optimistic that I’ll pull off the 150 of the CHAFE 150 in 10 days! Thanks to everyone who rode with me in my “taper week” and I hope to ride with you again soon!