Pilot Creek – Cody, 69 Miles


As we left camp and started climbing, a number of riders were pulled over at the side of the road. I had momentum, and when I heard the word, “bear,” I just pedaled faster. Apparently, a bear was eating something. A coyote was hanging around waiting for leftovers. Him, I saw. I heard something fall off my bike, but didn’t realize until much later that I’d lost my pump.

I just kept climbing amidst the staggeringly beautiful scenery, right up to the top of Dead Indian Summit.


Yup, I climbed this:

See, Strava says so too!





Wyoming, state #14, done!

After we got into camp, we explored a farmer’s market set up in the parking lot, and stocked up on pastries for the next day. We learned that because of the fires, our route would be changing. The firefighters had co-opted our campsite in Red Lodge (our original Day 6 destination), so we’d be staying an extra day in Cody, and they’d arrange an out-and-back ride for us. We headed down to the beer garden, and had tacos from a truck and some Idaho Viognier. The entertainment that night included a band fronted by two redheads who did a great cover of I Wanna Be Sedated.

Another rainstorm, but this one was followed by an epic double rainbow. You’ll have to take my word for it, since I left my electronics back at the tent.