How much am I juggling right now? Here’s the last 8 (okay, 9) days:

Sunday #1:
4 tutorial students
87 miles of tutorial driving
Then, 152 miles to wine country
1st hotel night.
Struggle to watch Boardwalk Empire on grainy tv.

Monday #1
5am pickup three tons of pinot noir grapes
Transport to winery
Sort three tons of grapes pre-crush
Crush/destem three tons of grapes
Cut cheesecloth and drape fermentation bins
Drive home
4 tutorial students

7:45am vet appointment for Larry
(his exam fee is waived for his excellent Cattitude)
4 tutorial students
Cook dinner
Watch Mindy Project premiere

7:15 vet drop off for Larry’s neutering
8:30 hike to Griffith Observatory
Color hair “dark violet”
2 tutorial students
Pick up Larry at vet
Put Larry in cone of shame
Speed to airport
Fly to Vegas
Spend over an hour on the Bell Shuttle going to a hotel across the street from the airport
Watch Jon Stewart
2nd hotel night

Ride for Reading!
Fly back to LA
3 tutorial students
Speed to the airport

12:45am flight to Philly
1st sleep on a plane night
Change planes to Boston
Wait forever for gate to clear
Wait forever at baggage claim
Mini family reunion with cousin (who is loaning me a minivan)
Drive to New Hampshire
Mini high school reunion with classmate (who is loaning me a bike)
Drive to Vermont
Ride 50 miles on an unlit backroad
Drive to Massachusetts
Collapse at cousin’s house

Let others wait on me (breakfast, bike adjustments, etc.)
Drive to New Hampshire
Mini college reunion (memorial service for a friend)
Dinner with fellow mourners
Drinks at a hotel with fellow mourners
Drive to Massachusetts
Collapse at cousin’s house

Sunday #2:
Sleep until rain stops.
Climb on bike.
Ride into New Hampshire.
Ride into Maine.
Turn around.
Ride back into New Hampshire.
Get lost in Portsmouth.
Arrive in Exeter at nightfall with 110+ miles.
Call for pickup.
Ride back to Massachusetts.
Load bike in minivan.
Drive to New Hampshire.
Return bike.
Return to Massachusetts.

Monday #2
2:45am wake up
4am return minivan
5am flight to Charlotte
8am flight to LA
(2nd sleep on a plane day/night)
3 tutorial students
Cook dinner.
Watch last week’s Broadchurch

At some point Monday, I stood up and realized that my thighs were a little sore.
Larry, Ride for Reading, and my Weekend in New England will all get their own posts.
Just wanted you to have a sense of how crazy September is…