In my very first blog post, I talked about juggling responsibilities. Six months ago, we faced the toughest decision about our responsibilities as pet owners to do the right thing for our aging companions, archy and Buddy. We have missed them terribly, and I have projected that loneliness on to our surviving cat.


We also knew that when the time came, the right cat would present itself. After we saw these pictures of Larry, we set up a meeting:



It was not a promising first date. Mehitabel marched up to his carrier and hissed. When we went into the guest bedroom and opened the carrier, he didn’t want to come out. But then, we pulled him out, and he was a little purry snuggle bunny. I handed him over to the domestic partner, and the deal was done. Larry was now part of our family.

A very frightened part of our family.




And with good cause:

But he started to chillax…

Although she persisted with the “really?” looks:

They started to play together…

Whether she wanted to or not:

And he clearly loves my pretty girly bike as much as I do:

We love Larry and he has brought us an immoderate amount of joy in the few weeks he’s been here with us. I’m thankful for this kitten, and I’m very thankful that Larry was rescued from the Downey shelter, where he was about to be put down because he had a respiratory infection they couldn’t afford to treat. Obviously, he’s recovered. Ben Harding, who rescued Larry, is running to benefit a dog rescue organization this weekend, and if you love Larry, you should support Ben’s efforts here:

We can’t thank Ben enough for his tireless efforts on behalf of animals, especially our little guy!