Next weekend I’m headed to Albuquerque for the Day of the Tread, supporting Casa Esperanza . They provide housing and support to families whose loved ones have traveled to Albuquerque for cancer treatment.  

When I stopped to think of how many of my friends have survived cancer and how many have lost a loved one, I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the “how to show support for everyone” dilemma.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to make spoke cards in honor of those who have survived and in memory of those I’ve lost.  If you’d like me to honor or remember someone you love, please sponsor me for any amount you like, and be ready to e-mail me a photo (before 10/25/13, please) that I’ll turn into a spoke card for the Day of the Tread.  I’ll ride with all the cards in my wheels, and mail you the card from Albuquerque when I’ve completed the ride.

Thanks for your support!