So, one week after I was officially 50 1/2, I completed the 24th and 25th states in my quest to ride all 50. Sounds as if I’m on track, right?

Alas, cycling season is over in many parts of the country. I have rides booked in six warm-weather states (Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi), and I don’t foresee trouble booking the rest of the south (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia). I think it’ll thaw in Colorado in time. It’s the Great Lakes states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota) and their neighbors (North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa) that have me worried.

Work isn’t slacking off, either. The only full weekend I’ll able to get away between now and the March SAT is the weekend of the January SAT. This will give me about seven weeks to finish the missing states in the spring.

This is where I need your help. Please help me find regional rides for good causes between now and the end of April, particularly those that are unlikely to be publicized nationally. Leave a link or contact info in the comments below…

Thanks for all your support so far!