Well, there’s the usual: battling SAD, trying to find what makes us happy

And it’s cold outside. Southern California cold, but cold enough that only two people showed up for the Friday ride this morning.

So I do what I always do: sign up for challenges. First up, Flywheel‘s Holiday Express Challenge. The premise: 5 classes x 3 weeks = rocking holiday bod. My takeaway? I’ll ride inside instead of having to wash my one long sleeved jacket and long pants every day. I might hit my stated goal of three yoga classes a week. It’s hard to keep the eye on the 263 mile prize in April when the next ride is only 62 miles and a whopping 6 weeks away.
And I’m not the only blogger doing it. So that’s December 2-22.

Next up, the Rapha Festive 500, your basic Strava challenge… With some prizes. Some awesome prizes.

Expect to see documentation of all my challenges as they’re completed.