An incident this morning reminded me of how we ALL need to be more mindful as we travel through this world.

Again, I was at the intersection, waiting for the light to change, watching the countdown, (the countdown unleashes the sprinter in me when it’s in my direction):

Confined to my car, I was rooting for the runner across the street. “You got this.” “You go, girl.”

She ran into the crosswalk just as the car across the street that was stopped at the light (and looking left for traffic, not right for pedestrians) pulled into the intersection. The runner had her hand on the car’s hood, but the car didn’t stop. The runner was pushed back, finally with enough force to knock her to the ground, just as the driver realized what was happening and stopped.

I crossed the intersection, parked, texted my hiking partner that I wouldn’t be on time, then walked back to the scene of the accident. Another runner was already ministering to the runner’s wounds, using baby wipes from the driver’s car. The driver was isolated, and by the other runner’s account, having a miscarriage and a panic attack.

I was of no help to anyone, and yet I lingered after the paramedics arrived to give my account to the police. I know that some day, I’ll go down on the bike, and I can only hope that the witnesses will call 911 and stick around to make sure I’m okay. Or at least to see me into the hands of trained professionals.

Let’s all be safe out there, okay?