11 cycling classes and 5 yoga classes in 3 weeks!

I pedaled in the dark and through the dark and I am ready for the days and the rides to start getting longer.

The stats:

(It only shows 10 classes/page. The first class adds nothing of note to the data set.)

The failures:
– no “300 club,” at least not in a 45 minute class.
– a too-high cycling:yoga ratio

The lessons:
For me, “do your best” yields better results than “do something you’re not capable of” (compare Sunday 12/22 to Saturday 12/21 stats above)

Booking the class, ride, hike, whatever on my calendar gets me there. What happens after that is a function of food and mood (and sooo many things, like sleep, weather, caffeine, music, affect my mood), but DFL and DNF are still miles ahead of DNS.

As 2013 winds down and I wind up for the Rapha Festive 500 challenge, I’m looking back to help me best decide how to set – and accomplish – my 2014 goals. What are your goals for next year, and how do you plan to achieve them?