As the weather has cooled, more and more of my friends have been heading to the desert, and posting their Hadley’s Date Shake experiences all over Facebook and Twitter and Instagram

I’m jealous. I don’t have a good relationship with dairy, so the ice cream and milk that make the dates shake are not my friends. But I had a plan, and when I came home from yoga today, I decided it was time.

1. Excavate frozen banana from freezer.
2. Peel and slice banana. A knife was necessary for both.
3. Pit about eight dates (the last Trader Joe’s medjool dates sitting in the fridge.)
4. Toss fruit in blender.
5. Pour in enough vanilla almond milk to cover the fruit.
6. Blend. Have faith that you really pitted all the dates and that the horrible noise has something to do with the frozen bananas.
7. Pour out gooey liquid. There will still be chunks of dates. You will want a spoon to help.
8. Enjoy the awesomeness.
9. Try to lick out the blender.

Healthy date shake! The next time I drive by Hadley’s or you post your perfect date shake story to the interwebs, I won’t seethe with resentment. I’ll just start plotting my next fix.