I will ride my bike at least 50 miles in these states on or before April 26:

Alabama (April 6)
Arkansas (March 29)
Colorado ?
Florida (April 6-7)
Hawaii (January 26)
Illinois ?
Indiana ?
Iowa ?
Kentucky ?
Louisiana (April 5-6)
Minnesota ?
Mississippi (April 6)
Nebraska ?
North Carolina ?
North Dakota ?
Ohio ?
Oklahoma ?
Pennsylvania ?
South Dakota ?
Tennessee (April 12)
Texas (March 27)
West Virginia ?
Wisconsin ?

A lot of dates set, but 16 I still need to lock in on the calendar.

I have a plan – at least in my head – for how to “get” each state, but not how to get to and from each destination. It might be time to start cashing in frequent flier miles, favors, or appealing to the kindness of strangers.

Can I find a teammate for the Death March?

Should I wind up with the Bourbon Cycling Tour (I don’t see a charity beneficiary) or the Arthritis Foundation Ride in the North Carolina wine country? (Booze and bikes don’t go well together, but they do seem to find themselves adjacent…) In theory, I could do day 1 of the Arthritis ride, then drive 400 miles to do the Bourbon ride the next two days, but this doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

Off the bike?

I should do yoga three times a week.
I will be the best tutor I can be (which means being around through the March SAT, and very Skypeable between the March and May tests).
I will be a loving and reliable scooper of cat chow and litter.
I will be a loving and reliable auntie, daughter, and sister.
I will be a loving and reliable partner on the home and wine fronts.

I’m open to any and all suggestions for rides in my missing states: city bike shares, accompanying you on a training ride for an upcoming charity ride outside my window for completion, or some scheme that hasn’t crossed my mind yet. Please chime in below with your brilliant ideas.