In the middle of a crazy day, I got an e-mail from my boss, asking for my vacation and personal days from 2013.

In the past, it’s been a challenge for me to find enough days on my schedule to actually have my days off equal my vacation days (never mind “weekends”).

I didn’t think I’d have that problem this year, given how much time I spent flying to see my parents when they were recovering, and then all my trips for bicycle adventures!

However, when I added up the non-work days on my calendar, I got 128. I didn’t believe my calculator, so I added them in my head. 128.

52 weeks x 2 weekend days = 104
National holidays = 10

14 personal/vacation days isn’t unreasonable, is it?

I don’t think 128 days off is ever going to happen again, but I’m glad I’m taking this chance to breathe and explore the world around me. It definitely recharges me for the days I do work!

I do think I won’t be going back to 10 days off – as in, 355 days on – a year.