If January was about new starts, February is all about hunkering down at work (lots of students preparing for the March 8 SAT) and plotting for the March 8 start of my race to finish my mission.

So far, March looks like this:

Saturday, March 8: Death March (Indiana)
Thursday, March 27: Ride 2 Recovery (Texas)
Saturday, March 29: Wine Country 100 (Arkansas)

There are St. Patrick’s Day rides in Colorado and North Carolina (on 3/15) and probably many more places. If you know of one in a state I haven’t registered for yet, please let me know (and provide a link, if you can) in the comments below.

If you have suggestions for Indiana-adjacent states in the days following the Death March (here’s a map:)


…or a way to pick off Oklahoma around my Texas-Arkansas excursion, I’d love to hear those, too!