A week of early mornings devoted to hiking, biking, and vineyard scouting has been balanced by some nightlife!

After a lazy Sunday around the house, I rode the pretty girly bike to the drag races.


What, you may ask, is a drag race? Well, in many parts of the country, it’s this:

In West Hollywood, it’s this:

I was rolling up on the red carpet at Eleven Nightclub to help team Happy Hour Body for its AIDS Lifecycle fundraiser.

Mayhem ensued: A helmet decorating contest,

drag queens racing over to the yogurt shop next door to see who could suck down a cup of yogurt the fastest (while riding gorgeous Cannondale bikes mounted to trainers), and finally, the lip-synch portion of the program.

Team Happy Hour won, thousands of dollars were raised for a worthy cause, and a faaaaabulous time was had by all.

And then later in the week, off to see Matt Jaffe & the Distractions at The Mint


YOU can catch them Friday April 4 in the battle of the bands at the Hard Rock in San Francisco.

Now, to get back to the business of bicycling the remaining 23 states…