Well, if the point of this massive excursion was to see a lot of the country?

That’s definitely going to happen.

I didn’t really think through what being a one-day rider for the Texas Ride2Recovery Challenge would entail. Or that Texas and Arkansas weren’t really that close to each other.

Fly to Texas using donated Virgin America miles (Thank you, Rebecca Scott!)
Take the Waco Streak from DFW to Waco
Rent bike in Waco (Thank you Outdoor Waco for a 7am coffee shop opening time!)
After riding Waco-Cleburne, renting a car in Cleburne to return to the bike to Waco.
Amtrak from Cleburne to Forth Worth.
Public transit from Fort Worth to DFW to pick up my rental car.
Rent Bike in Frisco (Thank you Richardson Bike Mart for advising me which store best suits my needs!)
Drive to Arkansas.
Ride Arkansas Wine Country 100.
Find a group ride in Oklahoma for Sunday. (Please chime in with suggestions below!)
Return bike to Frisco.
Drive back to DFW.
Fly home.

If I can pull this off? The state count hits 30!